Your Outsourced Safety & Solutions Department


Turnkey Safety Solutions LLC (TSS), is a safety and training consulting company that provides a wide variety of solutions to meet the individual needs of our clients. With safety experience in the wireless telecommunication and aviation industries, our team has learned how to ensure a safe work environment for all employees in fast-paced, high production and extremely dangerous work places.



TSS offers a number of programs and courses to help meet your needs. TSS believes in providing a comprehensive training experience,every course. Our professional programs are have been developed to help meet specific training goals and to continue to strive for Zero Incidents. Our Courses are geared toward various roles and industries, our programs provide benefits unmatched by our competitors.


Dedicated to SAFETY

Turnkey is dedicated to Mission Zero, We strive for outstanding safety and Health records while maintaining Operational Ease. Within companies known for safety  excellence, safety and Operations share value. We believed in changing Company cultures to bring value, both to the business and to all employees.