TSS Provides both Comprehensive annual and "full Turnkey" programs or a menu of a la carte' solution should you needs be less expansive


Safety Management

Many safety companies suggest they can provide safety programs to comply with Government administration standards. TSS takes this one step further. We create programs for our clients that apply to their specific businesses. In most industries, there will be many regulations that do not apply or the scope of a company’s business cannot comply with certain regulations. In these cases, we suggest industry best practice items so you can keep doing the work and remain compliant.


Risk and Insurance Management

All accidents can have losses whether it be lost time or financial consequences. TSS has effective ways to help manage these losses and keep your companies EMR (Experience Modification Rate) as low as possible.


Subject Matter Expert

Turnkey Safety Solutions LLC (TSS), is a safety and training consulting company that provides a wide variety of solutions to meet the individual needs of our clients.  With safety experience in the wireless telecommunication and aviation industries our team has learned how to ensure a safe work environment for all employees in  fast paced, high production and extremely dangerous work places.